• Red Wine

Red Wine

In my work as a graph designer, specialising in Packaging, I encounter on a daily basis hundreds of different papers, colours and textures. Nowadays, the label, as well as having to be informative, colourful and attractive, must also fulfil two fundamental objectives: appeal to the sense of touch and be two-dimensional. In this sense, both the textures of the papers and the embossing applied during production, play a crucial role. In this specific case, Manter offers a range of papers which fully meets the needs of the market.

This collection specially developed for wine labels, is the widest range in the market, primarily for labels with prominent embossments. Personally, I use and abuse Cotone Bianco and Tintoertto Gesso 115 gr. You really have to have a thorough knowledge of each and every one of the papers on offer, for each graphic application: stamping, serigraph, CMYK printing and direct colours. Manter’s papers always have an efficient answer to each of my demands.


Antonio Quintas

Graphic Designer


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