• Perfume and Beauty

Perfume and Beauty

"Perfume & Beauty, a design that breaks from conventional wisdom.

The creative agency Servaire&Co has completely outdone its famous talent and experience in order to embellish the beauty and perfume products contained within this visual-book. An explosion of creativity that demonstrates how paper has become a new trend and the epicentre of a new concept of excellence based on the return to origins. A fact that continues to garner prominence within a sector characterised by the necessity to stand out and convey values closely linked with the concepts of elegance, glamor and uniqueness. 

A real source of inspiration inspired through 7 labels that demonstrate, with significant precision, an excellent design and printing job made with a wide variety of high added value, self-adhesive materials among which the new and exclusive range of greaseproof papers stands out as particularly interesting for this sector" - Juan Gil, Group Marketing Director, Arconvert

Request your Visual-Book here and you will receive it in a few days. 





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