• Olive Oil
  • Olive Oil

Olive Oil

We are aware that oil is a product which owing to its characteristics can, on occasions, stain paper. However, the magnificent finishes provided by Manter’s papers alongside their creative solutions, give an exceptional result which highlight the quality of the product whilst also masking the problem of staining which worries so many producers.

 We present MUNDOLIVE, a project whose purpose is to demonstrate the sensitive and emotive qualities which can transform our papers, together with the applied design of the merchandise, into a high quality product, such as extra virgin olive oil, aimed at the gourmet sector of the market. We have made labels for four different varieties of this range, all of which belong to the same brand. We have, in turn, examined each paper, as well as its colours and textures… in order to, alongside the design and graphic features of the product, offer an elegant and high quality finish.

Isabel Cabello, Úbeda (Jaén)

Graphic designer of oil labels