• Ispira & Materica
  • Ispira & Materica

Ispira & Materica

Ispira and Materica by Manter are two collections of exceptional self-adhesive papers that underline the essence of added value in a label. A double collection of papers created to evoke the delights of the most exclusive and elaborate products, those that require an unmistakably unique design that identifies such products.

Manter Materica, with its natural finishes and organic touch is the perfect range to communicate the natural, the authentic and the artisan.

Manter Ispira is characterised by its softness and delicacy to the touch. A perfect range able to seduce through all the senses.

Both collections are destined to convey and make visible the infinite number of possibilities which these special papers by Manter offer us. Now arranged in two visual-books that are complemented by a series of 5 unique labels designed by the Studio, Xavier Bas.

An impeccable piece of work that highlights the extraordinary quality and sensitivity of Manter’s self-adhesive papers, always at the service of creativity and the most sophisticated and innovative printing techniques.

Request your Visual-Book here and you will receive it in a few days. 





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