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Under the name THE SALTY & SWEET FACTORY we proudly present a range of high-quality foods. A selection which will make an impression with their labels with textures, colours and shapes that charmingly identify with the character of a product deserving of the gourmet category.

In the XVIII century, the terms gourmet and gourmand had negative connotations like gluttony, and this is still occasionally the case for the term gourmand. Gourmet became respectable in the work of Monsieur Grimod de la Reynière, in his Almanach des Gourmands, considered to be the first restaurant guide in the world which was published in Paris from 1803 to 1812.
Today the gourmet category represents the best of gastronomy. Not only does it define the quality of the ingredients but also the way the food is prepared, food which is produced by people capable of offering a product for those people who really appreciate its quality and finesse. Products which are not necessarily the most expensive and exclusive, but those which come from a respected harvests or method of production.
Manter offers us a selection of exclusive self-adhesive labels with clear Gourmet aspirations. Eloquent front displays which bestow personality and quality to every product. One more ingredient, which like the other ingredients, must be carefully chosen and sensitively produced to successfully complete the design of a new gourmet product.  

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