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The Discovery Label Collection showcases the effort made by Manter in the search for new, creative answers to market expecta-tions.
The perseverance in this search is one of the reasons Manter exists: Turning ideas into a reality is no longer a challenge, it is a fact.
Manter is the answer.

The collection of labels which you have in your hands includes a set of innovative resources which the designer, Ingrid Toran, has worked on with special sensitivity. It is worth highlighting the skill with which the art director has found in these papers, both the adaptability and the perfect balance between the product's characteristics and the qualities of the papers used to label them.
With this sample of labels, Ingrid Toran has shown us how the function of paper goes beyond the visual design, it is loaded with significance which transcends and participates in the process of conferring sense: The paper forms part of the message.
Manter is the message.


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