Coated 80 TT-8 CC62


Edition: 27
Date of approval: 27/02/2020

Belongs to the collections

  • Adhoc Rolls
  • Industrial & Synthetic

Technical datasheet

Front Label
Reference COATED 80
General characteristics

White coated, calendared, woodfree paper.

Grammage (gr/m2) ISO 536 80
Thickness (µm) ISO 534 68
Whiteness (%) ISO 2470 90
Dry opacity (%) ISO 2471 87
Tensile strength MD/CD (KN/m) ISO 1924 MD>5, CD>2,5
Reference TT-8
General characteristics

Permanent hot-melt adhesive. Excellent adhesion properties to polar and non-polar substrates. Designed for deep-freeze applications. 

The research centre ISEGA has given the adhesive approval according to the European requirements for direct contact with dry and moist, non-fatty foodstuffs.

Tack (N) glass FTM-9 >2,5
Cohesion (h) 1kg FTM-8 >1
Labelling temperature (ºC) >-25ºC
Usage temperature (ºC) -40ºC/+60ºC
Reference CC62
General characteristics

Supercalendered glassine paper, cream.

Grammage (gr/m2) ISO 536 56
Thickness (µm) ISO 534 49
Transparency (%) ISO2469 48
Tensile strength MD/CD (KN/m) ISO 1924 MD(KN/m) >5 - CD (KN/m) >2


Uses and applications

Labelling of deep-frozen products


Suitable for printing in Flexography, Offset, Screen and hot-foil.

Shelf life

1 year, under storage conditions as defined by FINAT section 2.5 (20-25ºC, 40-50% RH). Prolonged storage at higher temperatures and/or humidity levels will shorten the shelf life of the product.

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